There was a strange thing happend on the domain sattvayogaacademy dot com

the site was working fine but all of a sudden the site was redirecting somewhere else and when i checked there was differnt IP : It appears that domain is loading from the following IP:

dig a +short

It should it be pointing to the server’s IP of

Nobody has password for this cloudflare account , how can the ip change all of a sudden.

Can you investigate this and see what happened and how this might have changed. Can I get details as to who logged in to change the IP.

I have changed the password now but it is very important for me to know as to what happened


Check your audit log for how the changes were made…

If in doubt, resecure your account (including adding 2FA, changing global API key and tokens, etc)…

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May I ask if you have contacted Cloudflare Support and wrote a ticket about this in the meantime via ? :thinking:

May I also ask if you’ve used some 3rd-party service like eZoic?

Helpful article in the meantime: