SAP Ariba (SAP Business Network) - Cloudflare Usage?

Hey does anyone know if Cloudflare uses Sap Ariba? We have received serval messages from this company but don’t have a record of an account so we wanted to check if it’s used for Cloudflare CDN setup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The message received is as follows

Dear SAP Business Network Supplier,

We have identified a Degradation affecting your below entities.


  • Documents transmitted via SAP Business Network may remain queued or be delayed in reaching their destination

  • We have identified additional corrective actions which must be taken to ensure stability in document processing performance. These actions will be performed over the weekend (October 8-9) to minimize impact. However, you may experience intermittent slowness in document processing during this time. Document processing performance will be restored after the actions are completed.

The response team continues to investigate this issue at the highest priority.

Start Time: October 7, 2022 at 4:40:00 AM UTC
Product Name Affected Entity

SAP Ariba SAP Business Network

Hello there,

If I’m not wrong, its No.

If you are customer, that’s possible.

We dont know having a separate account with SAP Ariba that is why we were asking if it was part of Cloudflare CDN

That’s negative.

Ok so SAP ARiba has nothing to do with Cloudflare CDN

thank you

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