My domain name is I opened the EPP key. Please attach my domain name to my new administrator, cloudflare, please.

I suppose you are trying either to transfer your domain to Cloudflare Registar, or transfer-out from CF Registar to some other?

If so, have you unlocked your domain for a transfer process and got an EPP key from your current domain registar?

Have you tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue?

That domain will show up in the Unable to transfer tab of the registrar app in your cloudflare dashboard. Cloudflare Registrar only allows you to transfer in TLDs that are offered by cloudflare.

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I want to know when the linked domain name is ever displayed in the list of domains transferred via cloudlare (TLD Policies | Cloudflare)

I am sorry, but I cannot understand it so good from your question and what you want to achieve or what are you exactly looking for?

Could you please try to clearify the issue a bit more?

Thank you

I mean that Cloudflare does not currently support ‘Transfer’ domain name ‘.link’ so I ask when will be supported for this domain.

I feel the service on your side is great, so I want to protect my community members. So I really want to transfer my domain name to Cloudflare

Since the domain ‘.link’ is not yet supported, I cannot enter the EPP code in this box:

I am not sure, I am tagging @cloonan because he could know such an information about it.

Kindly and patiently wait for an reply :slight_smile:
Thank you

Ok thank you very much

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@lydaoqn please don’t open duplicate Support tickets, it really slows reply times for everyone, you included. I have merged your open tickets into 2116087, please keep communication in that ticket or on this post.

The TLD used on this domain isn’t supported by Cloudflare registrar yet. The list of supported TLDs can be found on TLD Policies | Cloudflare

We don’t have advanced insight into when new TLDs will be supported, new TLDs are the result of a long process and we cannot affect that timing in any way.

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