Sandro abuse of position


Started a threat here which she jumped in without having a clue how Cloudfare works and then closes the thread when I’ve asked her to but out due to not having a clue, I mean who allows someone like here to have moderation powers when she doesn’t even know blocking a country on CF doesn’t stop the bots or didn’t (CF hasn’t told us differently)

EDIT: Sandra once again abusing her mod position again by closing threads and adding her bit. Fact is I’ve been a customer from day one and Cloudflare said they don’t block bots when you block a country, she also ignores that I unblocked or unchallenged later on when it was changed and bots still get 403

Why is this crazy person allowed to abused customers like this


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CF has told us differently:

  • Do not block the United States as a country in the Cloudflare Threat Control Panel. Many search engines are based in the United States and this setting could prevent them from crawling your website.