Sandra bullying customer


This is a women who doesn’t even know blocking a country doesn’t stop the bots yet you point this out and ask her to stop trolling the thread and she closing it, WHY IS SHE ALLOWED TO ABUSE HER POSITION LIKE THIS?

Cloudflare come on, she doesn’t even know how your system works for crying out loud

EDIT: cscharff, clearly she doesn’t and I note you ignored the fact she’s been stalking me and closed my first thread with a genuine problem because I asked her to stop, if that isn’t abuse of mod powers what is!


Proof Sandra doesn’t have a clue but closes threads when people ask her to stop trolling them, remember she said blocking countries also blocks bots!

EDIT: Sandra the mod who abuses her position is now claiming I’ve blocked all the IPs even though I’ve pointed out this isn’t the case, I blocked and later CF changed it to challenged the countries but not the bots themselves. CF why is this crazy person allowed to do this to customers?


This is if you are not actively blocking them, which you are.

You were told what to do more than once, if you believe there is an error contact support. Now stop spamming the forum please.



From the support article linked to below:

  • Do not block the United States as a country in the Cloudflare Threat Control Panel. Many search engines are based in the United States and this setting could prevent them from crawling your website.


  1. This is a community forum with a set of standards, I would appreciate it if everyone in this thread took a step back and a deep breath.
  2. @sandro has a reasonably good understanding of how Cloudflare works based on their post history, if the bar for someone assisting you is that person knowing 100% how Cloudflare works, literally no one will be able to assist you (inside or outside of Cloudflare).
  3. There are ways to have a legitimate disagreement about a technical issue without being rude. Find one.