Samsung S10 Private DNS fail

Why Wait
Hi All

New guy here, with a problem that i dont seem to see raised before on this forum.

I have a Samsung S10 and tried to update the private DNS for LTE use.

I entered the cloudfare host name as and browser works good. I did the check on the browser at and everything worked well except DoT and WARP.

Firstly i am no expert here just a user trying to improve my security from watching a few youtubers and checking some website recommendations.

So as i mentioned DoT failed, and i cannot understand why, i was wondering if anyone may know of the reasons, user or mabye an S10 control issue…?

I have no idea what WARP is but maybe tomorrow when i have time i will read up on that.

Test Before You Post

Yes i did this and some items failed and some passed. But nothing here I understood to help resolve.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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