Saml for AWS Application

I’m trying to connect my AWS application to Cloudflare Zero Trust but for some reason when I upload the metadata file to AWS I am getting an error “SAML Providers must reference at least one SAML assertion issuer.” How can I get the proper metadata file from Cloudflare? I got it by putting /metadata after the saml link.

Do you mean AWS IAM or AWS SSO?

Cloudflare does not provide any metadata file in XML as far as I know, you need to copy all the SAML values provided in the dashboard and make your own SAML metadata file. There’s a SAML metadata file generator out there that you can use.

I was trying with the IAM, but which am I supposed to be using for SAAS?

As far as I know, Cloudflare Access for SaaS type application does not work well with AWS IAM, I’d recommend you to go for AWS SSO instead.

Ok trying that, thanks!


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