Same website with multiple countries extensions


I have a website with multiple extensions for each country/language.,,, … etc
All domains are pointing to the same IP.
I have 10 domains with different country extensions, pointing ti the same IP.

How can i setup this with a Pro Plan ?


Cloudflare plans are generally per domain. So if you want to use all these domains on Pro plans you will need ten such plans.

Alternatively, you could only upgrade the .com domain and redirect the country-specific domains to e.g.[CC]. Of course this would require a change to your main domain.

Thanks for your quick reply.

We want to keep one domain per country but we do not want to buy 10 Pro plans :slightly_smiling_face:

Content, IP, Server are exactly the same, only language changes.

I’m surprised that this case is not covered as it is a pretty common situation.


In that case you might want to consider the other approach I mentioned.

We want to use our .com, .it, .de, .fr… extensions.
Not only the .com with a country code.

I could not imagine that Cloudflare is not supporting this.
Many websites are configured like this, with one domain per country/language.

Does not seem right to pay and configure several pro plans to serve exactly the same content.

Well, it is as mentioned in the first reply.

If a redirect is not an option, you can only either upgrade all domains to Pro or keep them on the free plan.

Such a deal breaker.
Thanks for your help

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