Same website on 2 servers 2 different IP's

I currently have a website on my server that uses the basic Cloudflare option.

This website will be getting a very large amount of traffic in the next few weeks, so as a precaution we have created a temporary server to host the site.

What I want to know is how in Cloudflare can I share the load between the 2 servers which both have different IP’s. Can this be done in the business plane and if so what option is it under.

Thank you

This is its own feature, see:

Hi Judge

which do I need to select to allow me to share between my 2 servers? by the way both server are located in the same location.

Im sure a year ago we just added the new server IP which did a load balance between the 2 servers. This will run for 2 months then the temporary server, then it will be close until next the advertising campaign.

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