Same Teams Gateway location source IP used for multiple accounts?


Is it possible for different households to use the same public IP address when accessing internet? An online research of this topic points to a “yes but not common” answer since an ISP can use carrier grade NAT to conserve IP usage. Going further with plausible scenario, what if two different households each has a Teams Gateway free account and supplies the same public IP as the source IP for DNS queries, what happens with the access policies?

I am having this weird issue where the policy kept getting changed (deleted, modified, IP removed, etc.) on its own. Any chance the Teams Gateway product gets confused when the same IP is associated to different policies from different accounts?


Worth checking your team’s log

Two locations can not share the same IP address for a location regardless of plan type.

Nope sorry.

It’s possible, using CG-NAT ISPs are pretty commonly sharing IPs among multiple people (more common on mobile carriers, but even fixed ones do it) and it’s gonna become more common. IPv4-only issue.

If you have IPv6 use that to do DNS queries.

The second one won’t be allowed to add it as it’s already added. Unfortunate, but it happens. The issue is that the second (or third, etc.) would have the same config as the first without any specific configuration.

I would suggest using DoH, DoT or IPv6, in order of preference.