Same Public IP for different Domain

Hi Community, i have a public ip address isssue and i dont now how to fix it.
i have the domain with 3 ip public associated:
A :
A :
A :
But i find a lot of subdomains wich use the same ip address hosting in cloudfare too. For example whith the public ip Can anyone help my to undertand this problem?

These are Cloudflare’s IPs, since CF is proxying your traffic it needs to hit their servers first hence you seeing their IPs.

You can find all of CFs IP ranges here: IP Ranges | Cloudflare

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Hi Walshy,
Is it coincidence or causality that the public IPs coincide? because there are millions of public ips in the ranges that you gave me.

Take a look to this capture. The count is a summary of hit my public address.


Thanks for your fast reply

If you want a dedicated IP address that is an optional add-on with Cloudflare’s Enterprise plan. Multiple websites using a given Cloudflare IP address is not typically a problem. Cloudflare advertises the same IP addresses for you out of hundreds of datacenters globally.

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Hi Cscharff! Thanks for your reply.

Can anyone buy with an optional add-on a speciffic ip public? The problem lies with an internet provider that allows free traffic from my 3 public ip’s. If anyone can choose one of my 3 public ip’s, they could surf for free and that is a problem for me. If anyone can choose one of my 3 public ips, they could surf for free and that is a problem for me and for the internet provider.

So my question is: can anyone choose my public ip or is it randomly assigned?


On an Enterprise contract, yes.

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Thank you very much for your answer, it is very helpful.

We will have to talk to the internet provider to change the rules in their firewall because those domains are trafficking for free through our domain.

Have a nice week

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