Same Pending Nameserver Update

Suddenly my website stopped working.
I checked the registrar, nameservers are correctly set on and Checking on WHOIS confirms the same.

I received an info email from cloudflare stating:
The name servers for no longer point to Cloudflare. They now point to:
[not set]
[not set]
[not set]
[not set]
[not set]
In the cloudflare account I have the info:
Remove these nameservers: and

Just as background, the domain provider changed few weeks ago the registrar causing the reset of my nameservers to those servers. Back then, I corrected the nameservers with the cloudflare ones at the tlh domain provider and the website was back again after 2-3 days.
But this time I do not understand what the problem is.

Thank you for your help.

Your domain has been suspended by the registrar.

You need to contact your registrar.


I did contact them and the problem was fixed in 2 minutes.
Just for the record, they were waiting for me to confirm my personal data in an email that I received as SPAM.

Yuhuuu, the website is back online and your support by pointing me the issue was of great help! Thanks a lot!

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