Same issue as recent thread -- users can not stay logged in

I’m having the same issue as the member in this thread:

Except that I’m not using Kinsta, APO or Wordpress. I’m using a fairly conventional, custom PHP application that simple takes email address+password on a login form, and if validated, returns a login success page with a cookie with a hash noting their login status.

My website has not changed in years. But starting about one week ago, several users have filed tickets that they try to login, and get the successful login page, and then when they go to the next page, they are no longer logged in. The cookie ‘disappears’ from their browser. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m at a loss as trying to figure out why a small number of my users are reporting the exact same issue, while the majority of users, as well as when I test their logins myself to re-create their issues, do not have this problem.

If it were just one user, I usually chalk it up to a browser mis-configuration or cookie-killing extensions, but when I receive several identical issues from different users, it looks to be a systemic issue. And since I haven’t changed anything on my end, I’m leaning towards something in the CF network causing the issue.

Today, on CF, I added a ‘cache rule’ that says when the host name is my website, bypass cache and set browser TTL to “no cache”. Hopefully that will fix the issue, but I have to wait for the affected users to get back to me.


Turns out it looks like this problem is ONLY with MS Edge browsers. I have no idea how to track this down further. But I tell the effected users to use another browser.

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