Same domain, different ssl results


I’m curious how is it possible for a domain to have 2 different ssl checker results?
I’ve been having an issue with the domain whereas that latter gives back a correct IP which is my plesk account, and addin www. to it shows the older IP and a Cloudflare ssl.

Thanks for the help, this has been banging my head for a few weeks now.

That just sounds like an issue with the SSL test that you’re using having an old IP cached.

thanks, this was magically solved by ditching Cloudflare and using AWS instead. Thanks

Hello there,

I will explain in the smallest possible details to try to get the issue out. I’ve been struggling with ssl issues for the few 3 weeks and it taken a toll on me, today I and 2 friends of mine who are more experience in development ran out of solutions.

Here it goes:
started working on a project which domain name and host was on Bluehost
I transferred the project files to AWS as I usually host all my sites there
then decided to transfer the domain as well, to namecheap

We added the site on Cloudflare as per our usual process, as soon as the website is live, it goes down again due to ssl mismatch and it gives a not found status

Today I decided to ditch Cloudflare as a whole and use lets encrypt on plesk to secure the domain, everything seemed to be going OK, 1 hour later I discover that the site is down again.

What baffles me the most is the below:

here we see that the site is still pointed to the old bluehost ip and Cloudflare is used as ssl (which is not the case anymore)

here the ip and ssl are both correct

We investigating this over 8 times and we are not able to 100% implement a working solution.
Talked to bluehost several times and there’s nothing on their end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been really draining me. I will provide any additional information needed.

Thanks in advance.

Are you still having issues with this?

this was magically solved after ditching Cloudflare and using AWS instead.

I think it’s probably caused by your previous provider not clearing up their Cloudflare for SaaS config for your domain.

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