Same domain, 3 different site can share same cloudflare account?

Hello, dear support,
I have 3 sites using the same domain name. they are:,, all 3 sites are built by wordpress on same host provider. can I buy one cloudflare account and open CDN for 3 sites simultaneously? in 3 sites I enable W3 total cache. I can input the same global API code in the W3 total cache. is that right? in Cloudflare, I built 3 page rules can cover all 3 sites demand, since the usage of in HTTP:// Can I?

An trouble for me is I can not regenerate the Global API code due to error of 1071. When I open ticket, says I better to ask question in community. because you are meeting high demand so maybe not quick response. do you have experience on how to solve this issue? I have refresh my password and no solve.

Thank you!


You can certainly run different WordPress sites in different subdomains. And use the same API Global Key. Even an API token should work across all subdomains in a zone (domain).

Have you tried incognito mode, a different browser, and/or a different device?

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Thank you! I use safari, and it works!!

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