SamCart: I've renamed the DNS of my "" custom domain to cloudflare settings. The SSL/TLS set to FULL. RESULT: 525 error

I’ve set up a custom domain in Samcart …
For the SamCart domain:
and the Product: /products/breathe-know-your-practice-is-in-good-hands

SamCart suggests to use Cloudflare as the SSL security provider.
I set up DNS in cloudflare per cloudflare’s instructions. I set up SSL … set SSL/TLS to FULL. Got a 525 Error.

Waited 24, 36, 72 hours. Same result. 525 error.

Cloudflare self reports it’s working. But it isn’t working.

Who is the Origin Host for after the DNS rename to CloudFlare?
Isn’t it Cloudflare?

IF SamCart is the Origin Host. Where do I put the SSL code? They implied it’s all taken care of by Cloudflare.

Red flags and alarm bells just went off. That’s a shopping platform and had darned well better have proper SSL installed on their server for your custom domain. A 525 means this is not so.

I’d like to lace together a tapestry of profanity to describe how horribly bad this advice is. Hopefully they’re just leaving out some critical piece of information, such as asking you to generate an Origin CA certificate to install on their server. But, really, this is something they should have taken care of at their end without the need of Cloudflare.


Wow. Okay. I’ll go back to them.

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