Hi again
I recently moved my domain name from one register to another and this has now completed.
However when I made the move I made the mistake of putting in my hosting companies namservers
Hostinger : and forgetting that it should have been pointing to and which is Cloudflare for The SSL
I have now changed the nameservers to the correct ones only in the last 2 hours.
I cannot access the website and I get this error (jpeg) message when I try.
The new register company have confirmed that the domain is now pointing correctly to, and and in my homepage at Cloudflare it says the SSL for is active.
Do I just have to wait longer for the change to take effect and is there anyone at Cloudflare that can check if my mistake has been rectified and the website will come back online soon.
Thanks once again for your help Victor

It does work for me, I presume you some DNS caching on your machine or browser. Wait a bit or try changing browser/device.

Hi matteo Thanks for your speedy reply. As you say I tried it in a different browser and the site works and then cleared my recent history and it works there as well so my panic is over.
Thanks once again to the Cloudflare support team for your speedy reply.
Cheers Victor

Just to clarify, we are not Cloudflare employees (unless there is a “Cloudflare Team” tag and a :orange: near our avatars). :slight_smile:

I understand that matteo but the community support here is really good!!.
Thanks again Victor

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