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Hello team,

We have an issue with a domain.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is requiring to add a registry CNAME to activate the product. And we added this registry CNAME in the root zone, but there is something that it’s not working.

Salesforce said us that is not working, because there is any registry CNAME about this domain.

How do we configure a cname registry in the root domain that is points to Salesforce Marketing CLoud?

You probably need the CNAME to be set to “DNS only” and not proxied so Salesforce can see it.
[edit] You just posted the screenshot, I can see it is so that’s ok.

Yeah it’s OK.

CNAMEs at the root can’t be queried directly since the root can only be an A record. Cloudflare lets you add a CNAME there, but it will only ever return an A/AAAA response as required, which it does.

If Salesforce asked you to add a CNAME at the root, they should know this. Just double check that’s what they actually mean, and don’t mean something like “add a CNAME for subdomain in the root zone” or something.

dig +short cname
dig +short

Can you provide a screenshot of what you are being asked to set?

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Here u go!

Maybe set a CNAME for www instead and use for Salesforce. Then in Cloudflare set a redirect here…

… to redirect from to by copying this…

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Ummm, I’m not sure that the redirect it’s a valid response for Salesfoce. Salesforce will check the cname registry, using a nslookup public

As @sjr pointed out, what they are asking you to do is impossible. CNAME records only work for subdomains (like, not the apex (

When you enter a CNAME record for the apex, Cloudflare automatically flattens is, that is, replace it with an A record.

Please contact Salesforce again with something like “I was advised CNAME records can not exist at the apex of a zone, so the DNS check you perform is impossible to satisfy”.

They will either need to have different instructions for you for adding an apex domain, or you will need to use a subdomain as @sjr explained.

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