is not a registered domain

Hi, I just bought it this morning 4 domains and 3 of them are in Cloudfare already but 1 is giving me this error: is not a registered domain. Can anyone help me? I need it very urgently. Thanks.

Well, i have checked, the domain is registered, has name servers, they resolve and contain DNS records. What i can try next?

Does it?

nslookup -type=ns

*** can't find Non-existent domain

The registry seems to believe so but they are not announcing them


You best contact your registrar for clarification.

Yes, I think so. Thanks. Will call them to see what is happening.

El El lun, 29 mar 2021 a las 2:27 p. m., sandro via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> escribió:

ok, it is solved now. Thank you.

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