Safety of files uploaded by visitors to site

Hello guys

are these features supported by Cloudflare 20$ package?

1.scan the customer uploaded images for malicious scripts or malwares. i believe Cloudflare needs to decrypt the traffic to inspect the contants. does it ?

2.does it support predefined customer friendly waf rules. they provide a good web traffic and security analytics.

4.provide captcha for suspected bad bot traffic.

note my question is whether the above 4 features are covered under $20/pm package :slight_smile:


  1. Cloudflare does scan traffic from encrypted sources. They do this by having their servers encrypt the content that goes to your visitors so that they’re able to decrypt it. They do not scan uploaded files for malware.

  2. They provide some common built-in rules, but they also have an intuitive interface for building your own. Plus plenty of help here on the community.

  3. They do provide good analytics. The paid plan you selected allows more specific time frame (within 15 minutes as opposed to one hour)

  4. A captcha for bad web traffic is available in all Cloudflare plans.

Hope this helps!

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Cloudflare do not scan files for malware-ish content is bad news. Is there an similar service in the internet elsewhere?

Your site that people are uploading to what is it a cms like wordpress or is it custom code?

Node js and angular

I believe the only way your going to achieve this is Anti Virus running on the origin machine.

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