Safely Pausing Cloudflare with Origin Certificates

How can I safely pause Cloudflare while using origin cetificates. I’m also preloaded on the Chrome list for HSTS so it’s not like I can temporarily disable SSL either.

Help is appreciated.

You can’t. You’d need real (EDIT: globally recognized) certificates at the host.

Is there a particular reason you need to Pause Cloudflare?

Suppose I don’t have to pause it, but it was something that I’d done occasionally and the feature is there to be used, after all.

Maybe it’s best if I just reinstall the origin on one or two sites, see how it goes. If I can run them without pausing for say a few months, then just reinstall on all of my sites.

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Just for the sake of good order :smile: and to avoid potential confusion for future readers

Origin certificates are real certificates. They simply are only trusted by Cloudflare’s proxies but not mainstream browsers, hence the warning message.


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