Safe Search

The new DNS ruleset are neat but the Safe Search implementation is not working with the new policy features as far as i tested. maybe its not deployed at the backend completely to take over as i tested by disabling old and enabling new.

My custom domain block list seems to work now so that a +Point

Hi, can you post what rule you have configured for SafeSearch?

Are any policies working? Meaning are your queries reaching Gateway from a registered IPv4 address configured in a location (or are you using the DoH endpoint for a configured location)?

Seems to be resolved on its own.

Great–in case you need it:

I figured out what the issue was i had defined multiple rules in the same rule set but the expression adds a “AND” not and “OR” hence the policy does not function.

Anyway safe search is fine . but still could use a “OR” option in the “in LIST” block since the restriction is 1000entries only per list so 70k plus hostnames leads to 70 lists and 70 separate rules. just a suggestion. or maybe look into the 1000 entries policy as 70,000 entries is still under 2MB file size which makes it a weird restriction.

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