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Hello. I have recently discovered your DNS,
The best I’ve tried. Makes Google Bing duckduckgo, yandex etc all locked into safesearch
Unfortunately with you can turn safe search off and find inappropriate images.
I imagine ecosia has been forgotten about . Please can someone include this so it is blocked in the same way as other search engines.
Thank you

The other search engines provide a way for companies, schools and DNS providers to force safe search through DNS. Ecosia appears to require a query parameter to be passed. This probably makes it impossible for to force safesearch.

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Thank you for replying. These things are too difficult for me to understand. It used to be said that Google images couldn’t be controlled unlike bing because of the way Google stores its searches. Because Google was locked I was optimistic that all can be locked, but I accept your answr. I notice that yahoo seems exempt too. Thanks again

What I can’t understand is that cleanbrowsing does manage to block some image searches on ecosia. But isn’t as good at other things and

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