Safari Downloads overshoot and hang


Hi all!

A couple months ago I setup cloudflare for my website and experienced a small issue, all of the downloads from the site said they were minuscule (<40kb) but then as the browser downloaded them they started to hang infinitely.

I posted this issue here and was helped enormously by this lovely community, all I needed to do was disable HTTP/2 on my cloudflare dashboard and downloads suddenly started working again!

However clearly I was too relaxed in my testing, it turns out that in Safari, the downloads suffer from a very similar problem, instead that now they do display their actual size, but the browser still just ‘overshoots’ the download and I’m met with the same infinite hanging. It seems very bizarre that only safari suffers from this issue since I can’t find any resources online that seem to suggest it handles downloads in a different way.

It’s worth nothing that this issue disappears completely if cloudflare is disabled. Has anyone encountered a similar problem or knows where I could look for help?

Many thanks!


Sorry for the delay. Are you still having issues? Have you submitted a support ticket yet?