Safari Can't Open Page

Having lots of users who can’t open various pages on Safari only. Anyone else having this problem? I can’t seem to recreate the problem on Safari either for myself but others experiencing the problem?

Hi @jeff16, I’m getting a cipher mismatch on each of those domains. If they are yours and they used to work and you just started getting the error, I’d check your audit log to see what steps/configuration you changed on each of the zones that would cause it to throw the error. If they have never worked, I’d follow the steps in this tip, Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH in Google Chrome, specifically the toggle universal ssl off and on at the bottom of the crypto page.

Presumably because of your minimum TLS version. Currently it is set to 1.3. Lower that to 1.2 and check if you still experience these issues.

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It looks like you’ve set Minimum TLS version on photo enforced to 1.3, Try setting it to 1.2 in the SSL/TLS settings page. I’d also suggest enabling 1.3, as it’s a good choice for higher security.

Other than that, they all load in Safari for me. Latest version on latest MacOS.
This is the resource I’ve been using:

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