"Safari can't Find the Server"

Hi. Having problems with our server today. Some users can’t enter our website, it says "Safari can’t open the page “…” beuase Safari can’t find the server “…”

Can anybody help please? :slight_smile:

What’s the domain?

https://www.mirabelle-bakery.dk/ or https://www.mirabelle-bakery.dk/menu-dk-qr/

It is only on some computers and phones…

There seem to be several ISPs, including Google, that can’t resolve this domain. How long has it been on Cloudflare?

I believe @sandro is pretty good about tracking down DNS issues.

An Austrian bird mentioned a DNSSEC error. Confirmed:

For now, make sure DNSSEC is turned off at Cloudflare and your domain registrar.

Thanks for your help! We deactivated DNSSEC and it helped.

@sandro do you have any idea what the problem is? at some point I should activate DNSSEC again, right? But I can’t do that right now without the server going down

It looks like you’ve reactivated it successfully.

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