SaaS SSL Not working

Hi community, we have a SaaS based offering. SSL’s are managed by Cloudflare. Users can create a subdomain on our platform, which will be linked to the users naked domain or subdomain (www or anything else).

Scenario - We own our

User with us. This is protected by SSL on Cloudflare. We use Cloudflare Custom Hostnames for SaaS and add two txt records for Additionally, we ask user to add a CNAME to point to users subdomain www.

What is working - is SSL protected (we force http to https in code); is protected;

What is not working - naked domain is not working. We added a forced redirect from domain hosting (GoDaddy) from to

It is worth noting that is working after domain forwarding. It doesn’t make sense to me that https is not working. Totally lost here, please help!!

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