SaaS: Multiple Fallback Origins?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been exploring using the SSL for SaaS featured and I have to say that I’m a bit confused about how fallback origin works in the context of multiple servers or services. Here is my current understanding:

A      fallback  [IP_ADDRESS]
CNAME  service

And then the customer can CNAME app and everything works out.

Great! But… what about when I want to offer a service2? It appears that I can only setup one fallback domain. Or at least that’s what the documentation and the Cloudflare interface seems to suggest.

Is this just a matter of having a plan that supports more Fallback Origins? I can’t imagine that I need to buy a new domain every time I need to deploy a new server or service.

Any help is appreciated!


Typically your fallback will be a single ‘something isn’t configured correctly, here is an error page if we bothered to build one’ so I guess leave product name out?

Maybe that’s where my confusion came in… can a Custom Hostname point to an IP address instead of a CNAME?

A      fallback  [IP_ADDRESS]
CNAME  service
A      service2  [IP_ADDRESS]

Does Cloudflare handle the “something isn’t configured correctly” part and automatically point the Custom Hostname to the Fallback IP when something goes wrong, even with an A record, like with service2? As long as is listed under “Custom Hostnames,” of course.

Unfortunately you can only make use of custom origins if you’re making use of Cloudflare’s Enterprise plan, as explained at
Without enterprise you can only set a single global “fallback” that is used for all of your SSL for SaaS zones.

It’s not possible to make use of an IP address as custom origin

Each custom origin needs to be a valid hostname with a proxied (orange-clouded) A, AAAA, or CNAME record in your account’s DNS. You cannot use an IP address.

More information about custom origins can be found at

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