SaaS multiple CNAMEs consulting

Hello there I’m a software engineer, trying to get some consulting about the SaaS product, I read the docs but at most parts it sounded vague.

Let me explain the setup we have first, we want to connect:

Customer 1 -> (proxy on) -> (proxy on) -> (proxy on)

Customer 2 -> (proxy on) -> (proxy on) -> (proxy on)

For the certificate we found out that cloudflare issues certificates for origin that has validity of 15 years! That is great but I don’t know if that is also possible on the SaaS and if yes how?

We’re going to use the API from cloudflare to automate things, but once we understand how to do it manually.

We are a small startup company so we can’t afford enterprise for now, if that is required to make this work, we are fine with 2$ per month for each custom domain.

Also we can just add all the domains to our own account, and do the same thing without using SaaS since we can have access to each domain’s DNS settings, the concert is only if we add too many domains in a few years like 200 then some limitation be applied from your side, or if having too many domains in a way would make us pay a lot more, otherwise proxy to proxy in the same account seems to be supported and that’s all we need.

Of course we can connect other domains using client cloudflare accounts too, but proxy to proxy doesn’t exist there and then the DDoS and other security features will have to be implemented on each client account which won’t make sense, they might refuse to pay for those features.

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