SaaS - Custom Hostname to Subdomain

Hey there,

currently iam struggled at redirect custom hostnames to a subdomain.

Example at my side: CNAME to an als loadbalancer (eu-region) CNAME to an loadbalancer in US region

Under Custom-Hostnames I add “” as an “Fallback Origin”.

So, at my Custom-Hostname I will try to add “” as a CNAME and going to US-Loadbalancer.
But I will always land on the eu-loadbalancer.
example customer domain: → aaa record to customers server
saas.superdefaultdomain.comCNAME to → you will land on EU-Loadbalancer.

Anything I don’t understand? Isn’t it possible?
Will I need a new domain for different targets in custom-hostnames?

Thank you in Advance :slight_smile:

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