S3 URL access for R2 with Custom Domain

Hi, brand new to Cloudflare and exploring the features. I understand the basic URL access to R2 via S3 is https://{account_id}.r2.cloudflarestorage.com.

However, if I configure a custom domain for my S3 bucket, will the same URL work or is there a different format?

My use case is: I want to give limited access to my S3 buckets to an external application with is not part of the Cloudflare ecosystem.


R2 Custom Domains are a read-only public way to serve the contents of your bucket. The S3 Compatible API is only available via the S3 Endpoint (r2.cloudflarestorage.com). You can scope tokens a bit on creation to a specific bucket and specific permissions (Object Read & Write on a specific bucket, or just Object Read).

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Ah, I didn’t know Custom Domains are read-only. The external application needs Object read & write to my Bucket, so sounds like it can only use the S3 endpoint.

Thank you.

Where can I find more documentation around the “read-only” part of Custom Domain? I don’t see it here Public buckets · Cloudflare R2 docs

Maybe it could be pointed out more, I would say the first sentence in that docs explains it pretty much:

Public Bucket is a feature that allows users to expose the contents of their R2 buckets directly to the Internet.

But yea, it’s not S3 Compatible or anything, there’s no listing of files as it says there as well, it’s purely just unauthenticated GETs (although there is ways to put access control in front of it as documented on that page)

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