S3 redirect


We’re having some difficulties when redirecting traffic to an s3 bucket and landing on the correct folder.

The requirement is this:

  • User navigates to www.mydomain.com/foo/*
  • User should then be redirected to a specified s3 bucket

So far we’ve tired the following with a page rule:

  • URL - www.mydomain.com/foo/*
  • SSL - Flexible
  • Resolve Override - foo.mydomain.com
  • Host Header Overrode - “s3 bucket name”

And a corresponding CNAME record for foo.mydomain.com resolving to the s3 bucket.

It all nearly works, the redirect hits the bucket and the header override ensures the bucket name is correct. But when hitting the bucket the path is incorrect, it always looks for a folder called ‘foo’ first and then whatever follows. So for example there’s a folder called ‘bar’ in the root of the bucket, I would expect to the url to be www.mydomain.com/foo/bar and to land on that folder, but actually it’s looking for a folder called foo with a subfolder called bar.

I’m hoping I’m missing something simple here, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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