S3 migration / Super Slurper API?

We run a platform that’s currently using S3 buckets for storage, and we’d like to migrate at least some of them to R2. The platform is multi-tenant, with each tenant having their own bucket.

There’s the migrator / Super Slurper in the dashboard, of course, but I was wondering if there’s any plans to make this available through an API, so that I could come up with a button in our platform that allows us to easily migrate a tenant, both in terms of whatever is needed on our end, and the block storage. Especially if we’re going to move more accounts over, it’d be a boon, and I doubt we’re the only ones.

Hi @MaxR we don’t have a public API for Migrator / Super Slurper during open beta. We plan on having one at the time it goes GA, but we have no timeline for that yet.

OK, will keep an eye on things. Thanks for your answer!

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