S3 hosted website accessed through CloudFlare with SSL


I have a website hosted in AWS S3 (Static web hosting), set it up for public access (as well as a policy to limit access through CloudFlare only).
DNS CNAME record set to point to the bucket.

Trying to access the website I’m getting:

This site can’t provide a secure connection

www.emp.dev.simetria.io uses an unsupported protocol.


Tried this with SSL set to “Full” as well as to “Flexible”.
What might be the issue?

Also - if I want to use “Full” for SSL, would I have to set up SSL for my AWS S3 bucket and use CloudFront (point CloudFlare to the CloudFront URL)?

From previous threads on this: you either need to disable HTTPS on Cloudflare or set up SSL on Amazon.

Cloudflare’s Guide for using S3:


Amazon Guide for Cloudfront with SSL:

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Thanks @Cyb3r-Jak3
Went through that thread.

Trying to understand if it makes sense to use CloudFront + CloudFlare, and if it’s the only way to use SSL with CloudFlare & S3…

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