S3 CNAME links throws 503 error

I followed this guide:


My CNMAE is my-bucket and it links to s3 service.
But it throws 503 Service Unavailable error.

What is the cause of this error?

Hi @koolpeace,

I can see that both the root domain and the “www” are :orange:.

Did you take a look at these contents about Error 503?

No, the 503 error is from S3.
I solved this by re-fetching through CloudFlare worker from S3. Is it the right way to solve this problem?

Good to know. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you.

You haven’t provided a lot of information. It would be handy to know, for example, the domain you’re working on. The bucket name would also be useful.

For example, are you trying to hit a particular resource? Or are you hosting a static site and expecting index.html (or whatever you have set as the index document to load?

Some examples via the curl command might be useful.

Simple things that I can think off that might be an issue: bucket isn’t set for public access; bucket is not set for “static website hosting” or you’re using the wrong CNAME for it.

The domain I am working on is koolpeace.eu. I am actually not using exact S3s, but S3 compatible buckets.

I am just trying to show images on my website and my apps. I save object keys on my db server and send it to the client side. Then client side fetches the images using Image tag.

Yes. All buckets are private. Was this an issue? There are buckets where objects are public-read, and others private. For private objects, I issue signed urls from the server and send the url to the client side.

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