Russian translation for Cloudflare Dashboard

Is there any information about Russian translation for dashboard?

If Cloudflare need Russian translators I can help myself for free.


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Hi @bogdans, thank you! When the time comes, we love it when customers help us test the localized dashboard. I’ll see if I can find out details on Russian language support.

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Hello! I would be happy to help translate the interface into Russian :hugs:

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So now we have a team from two members that speak Russian :joy:
I guess, Cloudflare team also have some russian devs, but the question about Russian translation is still awaiting own time.

Is there any news about Russian language support?

I’ve noticed that support for many new languages in Cloudflare Dashboard has recently appeared.

I’m from :ukraine: Ukraine and I able to translate into ukrainian too, but I think the language is not guilty :slight_smile:

Hi @cloonan and @kody, do you have any news about Cloudflare Dashboard localization on Cyrillic languages like Russian or Ukrainian? Can I and some volunteers speed up this process and help with a strings translation? I guess you have many users from this countries :slight_smile:

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Hi @bogdans I do not have an update. We are moving forward with the introduction of more language forums in our #international category and Russian is one of those languages. The translation work is done by our globalization team and we welcome customer input and feedback as we increase the volume of non-English language content both in our dash and on our web properties.

We have translated our top 20 most popular Community assets into 8 additional languages; Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian. And, we’ve also translated (as opposed to using the out of the box discourse translations) this site sign up screens & emails, along with the new site navigation and links to corresponding langues destination sites (if available).