Russia and Weebly

Hi There, blocks requests from Russia. That is a problem for our site hosted there.

We would like to fix this by using a proxy, or perhaps just make a Cloudflare Worker that can change the HTTP request so it looks like a request from EU.

Is this possible?

Any input is appreciated.

As far as I can tell (and under the current setup) Cloudflare wont connect with Russian IP addresses, so if Weebly blocks solely based on that, you should be fine, however Cloudflare will also include the original client address (and optionally also country) and should Weebly evaluate these headers as well they could still block the connections.

To be honest, I’d stay away from a provider who imposes such blocks. There should be plenty of alternatives out there.

They do check the headers i guess, as weebly do block the page even after we went to Cloudflare. (Which was my first attempt of solving it).

I completely agree with you. It is kind of a “concede defeat” statement from them, but the customer would like to continue to use weebly, as they have their webpage designed in that, so we a kind a stuck with that host.

So that is why i was thinking, is it possible to use a Cloudflare worker to alter the HTTP Request country headers and perhaps the original client ip-address?

Cloudflare wont allow you overriding these values.

Alright. Thanks.

What I could do then is to setup a rule (i guess?) that would route traffic from Russia to an EU proxy server.

Can you tell me which CF tool to use for that?

In that case you could use workers and route requests in question through your proxy.

You could use workers, or just point the A/AAAA record to your reverse proxy that proxies your weebly site. Workers would be an extra charge here.

That is probably the best/cheapest solution.

AAA - support from both of you. Thanks!

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