Running WARP Client in a L2TP VPN Server

I am running an L2TP Server on Docker running on a Mac Mini. What I am trying to achieve is to run Cloudflare WARP in the docker VPN Server alongside L2TP server. So I want the L2TP server to be using WARP client. I’ve managed to get it running as the L2TP server uses a debian iamge but then I get into problems when port forwarding etc… The L2TP server stops responding to requests (disconnects and not able to connect to it) after starting WARP. Would someone be able to provide proper configurations for this setup ? I am not a Network expert, just trying to set this up in my home network for some special purposes.

Sounds a bit complicated - why not just connect your endpoint to WARP directly? Will be quicker. Using Teams you could use a tunnel back into your network and make WARP your VPN client rather than the L2TP server? Teams is available free as well as paid, so might be worth looking into that. Can Tunnel the connection to your internal network into Cloudflare then use WARP as your VPN client authenticated to your teams account.

The VPN is probably confusing the routing on the server, assuming you have 2 NICs on the server, one for the incoming connection via VPN and one which is the default for routing the traffic out?

Well Yes, I already considered using this implementation, but the point is that I’d like my clients to be able to connect to the server using L2TP connection.
So I am trying to provide WARP features to my users through a L2TP connection as Wireguard (which is used by WARP) is blocked in some of the users environments. So using WARP Client in my users environments is not possible.

not sure its a standard deployment method for WARP so would probably say its not tested/documented anywhere really. Maybe using the proxy mode in the new client, but would need more config on the client. WARP is a desktop client not used for gateway tuneling as you are trying to implement, its a end user product not server

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