Running Shopify in subfolder (via a subdomain)

My main website is a wordpress blog and I would like to run Shopify in a subfolder instead of a subdomain (for SEO purposes).

I heard using a reverse proxy setup ends up getting blocked my Shopify’s firewall. Is it possible to do this through Cloudflare?

It appears I cannot according to the following post, but I want to make sure since this has been such a challenging issue to solve for me:

Lastly, if it is not possible to do this with Shopify, does anyone know if it would work through Bigcommerce?

With Cloudflare workers you can simulate a reverse proxy. I’m not sure if this is you are looking for.

It’s technically possible (code), see which mirrors

The issue is that, since Shopify doesn’t support this (and from a quick google search, Bigcommerce also doesn’t support this) there are a bunch of issues with this approach. The cart breaks, payment will likely not be PCI compliant (well maybe, but it seems error prone) and your SEO will probably be worse instead of better since now there’s duplicate content at and

SEO doesn’t penalize you that much for linking to a subdomain. It can be slightly slower than a subdirectory but, due to the technological limitations, you can’t put shopify in a subdirectory.

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