Running my own mail server with windows server 2019 on Clouflare

Hello! I have windows server 2019. Question is: How can i host my own mail server on windows 2019 with my complete domain and dns settings being registered at Cloudflare? I have my users on my 2019 Server and I want them to be able to send/receive email to and from anyone outside our network with our network domain username and password. I know Cloudflare offers email routing but I want to use my own network windows server to handle email functions.

Thanks is Advance

Are you referring to an on prem exchange server?

If you are, then you just add your domain to Cloudflare and create the necessary DNS records for the mail server, making sure that they are :grey: as Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email. You will also need to make sure you open the correct ports on your firewall.

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thank you for your response!
im not sure if windows server 2019 has exchange server integrated. I have a physical server with Windows Server 2019 OS and I would like to use it as my email server for all my users in that server. We currently use gmail with outlook but we would like to have our own emails accts with our domain that is installed and configured in the same physical server.

If you are hosting it yourself, you might need to watch out for messages going in spam. A lot of email providers blacklist IPs that are residential or cloud based.

The only thing specific to Cloudflare is you will want to make sure any mail related records are :grey:

Beyond that it’s a multiple book or consulting level question.

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Thanks for the advise. Yes, i would like to host it on my windows server so all my network users can use their username domain and email

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