Running MC Server and Forums Website on same dedicated IP

Hi all. I am currently running a minecraft server and the forums on the same linux vps. I had it setup for the past bit to run both through the same ip but I now want to run an ssl certificate through cloudflare onto the webserver only. When I routed everything through cloudflare I cant connect to the server through the ip anymore.

I want to keep both ips and not have any subdomains to make it work and ive seen this been done before so how can I make it work. Ive created a work around so my playerbase can still connect to the mc server by pressing the button to not route any traffic through cloudflare which leaves the website unprotected and without ssl.

I tried a few things such as making 2 srv records that looked like this:
SRV SRV 0 0 25565

This has was discussed several Times and i don’t want to reinvent the wheel. In short: it’s not possible unless you are an Enterprise customer or work around it with a sub domain. Important to know is that your MC server ist not protected with this workaround and your IP will be revealed as soon as a client connects. Only ‘normal’ lookups will show a Cloudflare IP.

The easier way is to create a subdomain and disable Cloudflare for it.

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I dont want my server to be protected I just want the website and the server to use the same IP. All I want is website to have ssl certificate and the ip to work for the server.

If you don’t want Cloudflare proxying your site, but want SSL, then you will have to get an SSL certificate for your server.

In that case you dont need Cloudflare.

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