Running Cloudflare with SiteGround and RunCloud

I currently fully host my website on SiteGround with the domain registered there as well. I then use Cloudflare as my CDN provider, so my nameservers at SiteGround point to Cloudflare.

I am now wanting to move my hosting to Vultr HF with RunCloud whilst keeping the domain registered at SiteGround. I can’t understand which DNS settings to change in Cloudflare to allow me to do this. I have attached a screenshot of my current settings for some guidance.

Thanks in advance

All you really have to do in Cloudflare is change your IP (35…) with the new one provided by your new hosting provider.

You might also want to remove that screenshot as it shows your real IP address.

Thank you for the quick reply. Would that be for all the A records or just the domain one? i.e. do I need to do that for the autoconfig, autodiscover, ftp, mail, ssh and www as well? Sorry I’m new to all this!

You need to change all of them and maybe add a corresponding AAAA record if your new host supports IPv6.

Make sure that your new webserver is running correctly before changing the records though.

Thank you for your help! So I assume that current IP is SiteGrounds hosting? Just for my own knowledge

Yes, that is correct.

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