Run tunnel on different machine without cert.pem

I created a tunnel on machine A (windows) using
cloudflared tunnel create abc
I then copied the generated-UUID.json file to machine B
and attempted to start the tunnel from the (windows) command line
cloudflared tunnel run --url localhost:5678 abc

This gives the error “you need to specify the origin path with --origincert”. If I copy the cert.pem file to machine B and supply this argument, then the tunnel runs correctly.

The problem is I do not want to leave the cert.pem file on machine B. The docs on creating a tunnel say you dont need the cert file to run a tunnel, but I cannot seem to work out how. In reality, the tunnel will run as a service, but I’m just trying to get it working first.

Hello @rbrett ,

In machine B you should create a config.yaml and write there a couple properties that tell cloudflared to pick the generated-UUID.json file. You can see this tutorial that explains how to do that:

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