Run SFTP server through Cloudlare

Hi all,

While I am quite-tech savvy, networking and online security is still a bit new for me.

Currently, I am using Cloudflare Registrar and SSL to Proxy (and hopefully encrypt) my home Emby server so I can be sure that when watching and backing up family photos and videos, no one can intercept the data (or at least make it harder). That works pretty great, I’ve bought a Cloudflare domain, entered that + local opened port in the emby dashboard and entered my IP in the DNS page on my Cloudflare dash. After that, I downloaded the SSL certificates and imported that in Emby. All works together great, only thing is I’m not quite sure how Cloudflare goes for the correct port since I haven’t added that in the dashboard.

Unfortunately the Emby photo backup is not quite perfect yet so the plan is to use another app to backup my devices from anywhere. Ideally I want to host an sftp server on my home PC and proxy that through Cloudflare as well for the added encryption. Initially I wanted to do this with SMB but that can’t be done I understand.

What would be the best way to make this happen? Is it even necessary for SFTP?

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