Run cloudflared tunnel with nginx and JS

Hi dear community,

Actually I am facing an issue, with my web application, the app is funing with nginx and cloudflared tunnels, and the issue is that the JS code is not working in the second view, I mean, the app francosbikergarage works find and when we change to francosbikergarage/admin we can see the htmls and the css even de sql info, but we can’s see the functions from JS.

Is there somebody that can help me to know that can I do to have the JS code working in the view francosbikergarage/admin?


Thank you for asking.

What I think is going on here that either there could be Cloudflare’s JavaScript Minification invovled into it? :thinking:

Are there any other errors showing up at the Developer Tools (F12) → Console, like CORS, etc.? :thinking:

Did you left some piece of the code from the development onto the production stage? :thinking:

Otherwise, not quite sure at the moment.

the issue was that the websockets were set with http and I change for https for the ssl certificate and now i need to change ws to wss and like this it works, I do not achive the connection but it works with websockets

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