Rules - URL shows the contents of another URL


I am needing some help on how to use multiple urls that remain static but show a different page. i.e. all urls with,, etc show the same url but display the contents of the url

I’ve tried various rules but can’t seem to get any of them to work. Thanks in advance for your help.
Thanks in advance,

Something like this should work:

So requests for my shows that in the browser, but the site is displaying the contents of /blog/ (Mine needs the trailing slash, otherwise it’ll redirect to the trailing slash).


Hello sdayman,

Thank you for your help and the example.

It allowed me to figure out I was indeed in the right place.

Your example is perfect but mine is just a little bit different causing the issue.

I wanted to take and forward to (note both have the slash after work). So, after a little bit of thinking figured ithe Operator had to be “does not end with” in which case to forward to /work.

A big thank-you!!


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