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Hello,The test domain name is configured, and it is normal. Update the configuration domain name. After 72 hours, the test is not the updated domain name. Please clarify.

Delete it and reconfigure the new domain name. It is still the earliest old test domain name. Please help. Thank you.

Can you share your domain name so we can take a look for you?

Name Server:
Name Server:

It does not look like your site is on cloudflare at the moment. You will need to change your nameservers (remove them all) and replace with the two that Cloudflare shows on the DNS tab of your cloudflare dashboard. If you’ve changed them, there may be reasons they are not yet showing up, check out the Quick Fix Ideas in this CommunityTip.

Thank you very much. Forwarding was configured in the domain name registrar before, and you reminded me that dns was modified.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work properly. How do I set it up?

I cannot read Chinese, so I don’t know the action applied. WAF custom rules is not where redirects are configured. Maybe this will help.

The problem has been solved. Thank you very much for your help. Have a nice life.

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