Rules Redirect Help Needed

I am trying to set up a Redirect Rule so that:

I am trying to streamline it so I have:

  • set up fully in CF (It resolves and I get the page)


  • I set it up in CF so it is in my dashboard and active
  • Set up a rules redirection
    • All incoming requests - then URL Redirect STATIC - 301

I wasn’t sure if I had to add a A and CNAME to CF (as all I need it to do it hit CF and redirect).

I tried it with and without - at the moment the A and CNAME is there.

But it comes up as DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when I try to access

I know it is something simple and stupid I missed or misunderstood, but …


Assuming the domains are spelled correctly - examply - example

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I recommend using only a AAAA record set to 100:: and :orange: Proxied.