Rules priority

I’d like to set no caching for all subdomains expect one…
Should I put before the subdomain I want to set with standard cache or the other rule where I put bypass as caching policy?


Put your most specific rule up top.

Like it says on that page, only a single page rule will trigger per URL.

* also matches - so if * is above then that’s the only rule that will get triggered.


ok, so if I understood correctly, becuase of only a singe rule will be applied on a url, I need to specify as first the exception (standard caching policy for and then as 2nd the most generic one, for all the other urls… is it correct?
At first glance I understood that the rules are applied by their order, so I understood that the 2nd rule (the most generic one) would have replaced the most specific.
Thanks for clarifying that! :wink:

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