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New to Page Rules.

WIll they allow me to forward to a URL not hosted/managed by Cloudflare?

Of course they will.

I was pretty sure of it but I wanted to make sure I hadn’t over looked anything. I have this rule: Forwarding URL to 301 Permanent Redirect

I made sure the A record is being proxied still loads instead of

Post the actual domain and a screenshot of your page rule.

For starters, you only need one rule (* Second, your records are not proxied, so the rule will never fire.

If I have a sub-domain that I don’t want to redirect, wont the * redirect that too?

All right, in that case you need two rules.

As for the proxying, can you post a full screenshot of your DNS records (redact IP addresses if necessary). Right now, neither your www record nor your naked domain appear to be proxied.

Alternatively, try switching proxying off, wait two minutes and switch it back on.

Tried resetting DNS, no luck.

Here’s the full DNS record

If you scroll down, which nameservers are listed beneath the DNS records?

These would be the right nameservers.

At this point I can only assume there might be some issue with your account switching the proxy status and I suggest to open a support ticket.

Thanks for your help! I’ll do that.

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